Never show weakness again.
(Especially love)
Never show anything again.
Never speak again.
Never cry again.
Never expect anything again.
Never go off medication again.
Stop being so self centered.
Stop being who you are.
Be someone new. Be fake. Anything else.
Stop caring. Entirely. It doesn’t matter.
Stop trying.
Stop using things to cope.
Comfort does not exist.
Oh well.

I think that children shows these days seriously impede speech development. Why are little kids in these shows speaking in single words instead of sentences? Here I am with a 4 year old who is allowed to watch a good amount of television. When she sees something she likes, wants, or dislikes, she says the same word over and over again, in a different inflection depending on her feelings of it. She is beyond capable of saying “I have a lollipop” instead she just says “Lollipop!”. Caillou and Max and Ruby are essentially destroying this girls inability to speak properly.

They say that
we ruin what
we touch and
that includes
each other. But
I have come to
believe that you
are the one thing
that I touch, that
I do not want to ruin

(via mydemisee)